Minnesota Persian Kittens For Sale

Persian Kittens For Sale : Litter from May, 9 2018

We have a littler of 5 beautiful pure bred Persian kittens for sale.

All our kittens get played with by the whole family every day, they have great temperaments and love to snuggle up and be around people.

Below are some photos of them, they are ready to go home very soon!

Name : Solo

Sex: Male
Color: Cream Orange Tabby

About the name: He's the only boy so he's Solo

Name : Billy Jean

Sex: Female
Color: Shaded Golden

About the name: The kids like the song Billy Jean by Michael Jackson... so it stuck.

Name : Sloth

Sex: Female
Color: Seal Point / Himalayan

About the name: We tried and tried to encourage a different name, but it's stuck with the kids, some battles aren't worth fighting.

Name : Marshmallow

Sex: Famle
Color: Seal Point / Himalayan

About the name: Well she looks fluffy like a marshmallow right?

Name : Tiny

Sex: Female
Color: Seal Point / Himalayan

About the name: She's our tiny girl with the smallest looking nose. (Kids named her)

I'usually charge more but currently asking $500 for a Kitten or $200 to hold one until a later date and then the balance paid. All kittens have been vaccinated and dewormed, they are ready for their new forever homes.