Minnesota Persian Kittens For Sale

Persian Kittens For Christmas

We have a littler of 4 beautiful pure bred Persian kittens for sale.

All our kittens get played with by the whole family every day, they have great temperaments and love to snuggle up and be around people.

Below are some photos of them, they are ready to go home now!

Update: Currently the Orange Tabby, Mitch is only available.


Name : Beast
Sex: Female
Color: Grey Tabby

About the name: When she was first born we thought she was a male, but the name stuck.

Personality: Loves to snuggle, always purrs when picked up.


Name : Chloe
Sex: Female
Color: Seal Tabbypoint

Personality: She also love to snuggle, isn't afraid to climb your leg to get a sniff of what you're cooking. But she might just keep going and climb up our sweatshirt and take a nap on your neck.

Name : Mitch / Mitchelle
Sex: Male
Color: Orange Tabby

Personality: He was and still is the biggest, he likes to play with his brother and sisters, pouncing and running all over. Once he's good and tired he loves a warm lap to rest in as he falls asleep purring.


Name : Runt
Sex: Male
Color: Flame Point / Cream Colorpoint

Personality: He started life as the runt of the little but this little fireball has grown bigger than his sisters. He loves to sleep with my brother every night.

I'usually charge more but currently asking $500 for a Kitten or $200 to hold one until a later date (Christmas Eve?) and then the balance paid. All kittens have been vaccinated and dewormed, they are ready for their new forever homes.